Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A chance at winning!!!!

Hey ladies!

It's been a while since I've really posted anything on here...But here I am! lol

So, I had entered a contest on Youtube for a Nail Art Design by 3TanjaJ3, check her channel out. She is soo sweet to have held that and let us participate in it. The prize was a drawing by her in b/w or color and everyone had to send in a picture of what they want her to draw if they win. She is super talented, her drawings looks sooo real!

And, I won!!!!! I had posted the tut previously on my blog here so check it out if you havent already. It's my first time making a video on youtube and first time winning!!!!

This is the link to see the drawing she did of me, and I'm gonna get it in the mail!!! *Screams*

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Eh, I was just sitting around my apartment with nothing to really do all day long on my day off from work...It was super windy all day long! Super chilly as hell too! So I didn't wanna go anywhere or do anything that related to me going out of the apartment..So me and blue just chilled...Actually he basically slept thru-out the day...Anyways, I decided to put on some makeup and grabbed my cam and everyone is staying safe and warm with this awful weather!!!


Sunday, February 7, 2010


Hello again! So I've been pretty much swamped with work and haven't had the time to do anything else. And I just got the chance to go shopping and I bought alot of things! Have you ever gone to the store and said to yourself just to get the items that you really need and then when you walk out of the store you have tons of bags consisting of stuff that you "wanted" mostly? lol....Well that is totally me!!!

I have this wedding to attend and I finally got to buying myself a dress and this was what I bought from Ross. The price was phenomonal! It was 9.99 and it fits snugly!

So everybody has been raving on My Beauty Diary Masks and I finally got around to puchasing some from, they were out of the good stuffs so I bought the Yogurt one for Oily prone skin and I have major oily skin. I love this stuff! geez, my face feels soooo soft afterwards and it does a great job at controlling the oil and it brightens my face too! The only thing I hated was that I has to literally wait 2 damn weeks for this and I wasn't home to recieve the package when it came so I had to wait another 3 days before getting it..But otherwise, I really recommend this stuff!

I ran out of hairspray so I went and got me some BedHead Hard Head spray at Beauty Alliance. I love this one and it smells really good and does a great job at holding my hair.

I was trying out the Pureology brand Shampoo and I loved the Nanoworks but it was around 8 something for 2 oz, and around 30 dollars for a 20 oz I believe, which is waaay too costly for me so at CBS they were getting rid of Rusk and so every Rusk item was 50% off so I bought the Brillance shampoo for color treated hair and Calm conditioner for damaged dry hair.

At Clinique, they are having a special, purchase over 21.50 and recieve a bonus palette gift worth over 60. So I needed me some Acne Clarifying Lotion since I ran out, and this stuff is the Best ever! That was only around 13 and so I purchased the Acne Bar Soap too.

This was the Bonus gift I got for puchasing over 21. 50. I got the Purple eyeshadow palette, but the sales lady forgot to put it in my bag so I have to go back to get it but these were the other items that came in the bag. Clinique youth surge spf 15 moisturizer .5 oz, Take the day off makeup remover 1.7 oz, A different grape lipstick which is the shade of a burgandy plum, Lash doubling mascara, and a mirror palette.

This is the makeup bag it came with. Very cute and Springy.

I went to Family dollar to get myself some canned strawberries and I saw that they had the Elf lashes for 1 so I bought 2 pairs. I've never bought lashes from Elf so I can't wait to try it out!

Another thing I got from Family dollar was the L.A. color art deco with the striper brush for 1! And at Beauty Alliance, I purchased Pink Flaminco from the Fall collection. Its a really pretty dark pink...And I love OPI!!

At walmart I got this product. I use it to remove my eye makeup and foundation before I go back over with my Clinique Acne Bar Soap. This stuff really works, it takes out all the product on my eyes and face without leaving me looking like a raccoon.

And I did use the Revlon Colorstay Foundation up to the point where I think I was breaking out from it and even though it was transfer resistant, it got on everything that my face touched! Also, I was always looking greasy even after applying a rice powder for control the oil. So I decided to try this Revlon Photo Ready Foundation in Golden Beige and I love it. I matches me pretty well and it doesnt make me look or feel greasy all day long. Hopefully I'll continue to stick with this product if it all works well.
Another thing I wanted to try out was the Maybelline Lipstick in Pretty Pink Please. It's a very pretty pink, I layer it on with a sheer pink gloss.

Ooo, I went to Rugged Warehouse and they got some cute shoes in store! I got this pair for 9.99, awesome price! Very comfy and it's got some ridges on the bottom soles to help from slipping.

I saw another pair of shoe that was at 6.99, and I don't own any white shoes so I got these. They are soo cute and classy! Very comfortable doesn't hurt when I walk.
A closeup of the buckles on the shoes. Super Kawaii!!!
Alrighty, That sums it up.....Way to much items! I haven't really been purchasing any makeup lately because I have soo much right now and I don't have much space left so maybe next time it'll be more of a makeup haul!

Monday, February 1, 2010

2nd snowfall

Okay so we got our late snow finally! it would be about 1-2 inches we got and I mean everbody went crazy! We're closed at the spa for 2 days because of that lol!


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