Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My crib and Guri Guri!

Hi! Going str8 to business here, well as before said I've moved into a new place! I only got some pics of it, I'll take more later hopefully!

Anyways, I decided I wanted to make Guri Guri for the first time. Those who don't know it, it's just similar to shaved ice, but creamier!

I only used 3 ingredients though I got 4 down there. The berries weren't that good, it was too much for the Guri Guri.

Fanta Strawberry flavored soda
7up soda
Condensed Sweet Milk
*additional- Berry toppings

I put in half of the condensed milk first, then 1/4 7up followed by the fanta strawberry soda to the top. Stir from bottom up to mix up formula then set in freezer for about 2 hours. Take it out and stir, set it back in the freezer for several more hours.

Taadaaa! the contents after its done! Yummy in the Tummy!
Now to the Apt, again just a couple of shots since I was gonna be late for work.

This is the entrance to the balcony. I put butterflies fluttering about there!

This is a clutter of where I become vain! The view is gorgeous on a sunny day!

This is thru the screen, sorry for it not being clearer. This is my scene from where my bedroom window is. You can get a view of how the balcony is. The only downside is that parking is very very limited, first come first serve literally.
Alright this is it so I'm signing out! Have a great night/day!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

MOVE outta my way!

It's been a heck of a time for me recently. I've moved outta my old crappy apt into a new one now. Trying to move the things out and into a new place, and working all the time did a toll on me. I'm now in an awesome apt with an incredible view on the 2nd floor. Now that I'm settled in, I'll try to take some pictures and show ya how awesome this place is.

I'ts a new start again for me and I've never been happier! So that's the reason why I've not posted anything new.

Hope you guys are enjoying the weather as I am before it gets really chilly and snow starts to fall again!


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