Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nail Inspiration

Whoo, its been one heck of a hot summer for me here in NC! We've been swamped with Prom, Graduation, Weddings and other Special Events at the Spa. So I got inspired to do a nail art based on this Prom Dress. The dress itself is really exquisite and I just love the Print on here.

All of the products I used:


Sorry I couldn't get any better quality of this. I did this late at night so I didn't have any good lighting besides flash on the cam. The bow is actually 3d, sculpted from acrylic and boy did it take me a good while trying to make it look right!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Hey folks,

Yea long time no see on here. As of current I had lost my camera for a while so no pictures taken too recently, but my bf did find it eventually hiding away. And I don't have any internet service at home now so I'm actually at the library using their internet :D
Also work has been excruiciating! I've been working literally 80+ hrs every two weeks so when I get home I just knock out.

But I do promise to get back asap with some new updates! Thnks for being patient and I hope that you guys are having a wonderful summer! Adios


Hey everyone,

Thus you've entered into my world!

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