Monday, March 21, 2011


A girl can't help but satisfy her Shopping Craves every once in a while. Well I've been having them constantly now that it's warmer out and stores are putting out their cutest spring clothes on their racks.

I'm getting sick of wearing dark drabby colors. It seems like thats all I ever wear to work this past winter.

Oh and I have these crazy shoe fetish! Lol, if I see any cute shoes, it's like I gotta have em. Even if I don't wear it often, I like to just look at it in my closet lol. Especially if they are at a good price range. And I'm always trying to find some heels that are comfortable with me working and standing in them all day. So I've been venturing out more towards Wedges. Better support that way.

These are the splurge haul I've collected thus far.

So I went to a boutique clothing store whilst they were having a 75% off some of their items. I got this dress for around 20 dollars and the regular price was around 80 dollars! Insane huh?

I also got this dress along with the other at the same place and this one retailed at 73 dollars so I was able to steal the deal at around 18 dollars! Heck yea!

I needed some Yellow incorporated into my wardrobe. I added a pink globe necklace for adornment.

Loved the cute flower details on the side of this shirt.

I don't usually wear Reds however this blouse was soo cute once I had put it on me. Why not go for a bold statement? :)

Loved the beading of the neckline.

I got this pink cardigan from TJ MAXX for only 9.99

This is still perfect since it still gets chilly now and then so I can just throw it on b4 I go to work. I just paired it simply with a gray tank.

I got these fabulous Heels from my beloved Rugged Warehouse!! I love going there bc I always find some great deals there. All my shoes here ranges about 7.99-9.99

I've already worn all of these and I'm still trying to break into them.

Loved this but it starts to get uncomfortable where the knots are at. But it looks great once on.

Love Love Love this one! Believe it or not, this pair is the most comfortable one out of the other 2. I've been wearing this nonstop because it's not such a high arch, my feet don't hurt and it's not tight on me so there's no pressure at where the toe part is.

The detail of the Rhinestones got to me. I'm a happy camper when I see Bling Bling on anything!

So of course when I saw this I had to get it too. It's pretty comfortable but since it's higher, it starts to hurt after 6+ hrs. And the Rhinestones seem to catch on to the end of my pants when I cross my legs, other then that I really enjoyed this shoe.

Who know how much more stuff I'm gonna accumulate. Hey it's a new season and a new year so I think I need a new wardrobe. In with the New, Out with the Old they seem to say.
Enjoy your day!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hot Bathing Suits

Whoo Hoo, it's getting closer to summer! Well not for the next several months but still. I can't wait to get into swimming pools and beaches. I found some really hot and smexy bathing suits on

I've ordered shoes and clothes from there before. Their prices are pretty reasonable and when they've got clearances going on, I take a steal on that. I was browsing on their site and these caught my eyes. Ugh, just need to lose some fats before it's time be half naked ;P

Winter needs to hurry by cause this gal is sure ready!

My baby D-va

So my Boston Terrier pup has gotten soo big now! It's been over 2 months since we've gotten her. When I first took her to the vet at 6 weeks she was only 1 lb 12 oz. Such a tiny little thing then. But now I took her back for her 2nd shots; she is almost 12 weeks, and she now weighs 6 lb 9 oz!

This little kiddo has been growing! She eats alot and poops alot too lol. She has a mind of her own. It's her way or no way. Luckily we didn't have a hard time potty training her. On her second day with us, whenever we put her down on the training pads, she would do her thing. She learned to do it herself from then on.

She loves shoes, socks, pants, shirts, anything she can put her teeth on. She sleeps with her teddy bear now that she outgrew her little horsey. She drags her teddy with her at night and she sometimes kicks out her teddy from her bed lol!!

I love and spoil her like a child b/c she acts like one. D-va has over 5 different blankies that she cuddles in. She keeps us entertained and she is superb at being a trouble maker!

Here she slept with her back paws up against the back of out futon beside her daddy.

She was smaller than her horsey so I had to upgrade her to Teddy :D

lol, I woke up and this was the position they both were in.

Do yall have any pets too?

Mac Pro LongWear SPF10 Foundation and Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealor review

I just went and bought the Mac Pro Longwear Spf 10 Foundation in NC 30 yesterday. I've been having an extremely hard time trying to find a good foundation that fit my skintone. It's either too dark, too light, or too pink and orangey. I've tried mixing foundations yet I have too much yellow undertone in me that it never matches my neck.

I've used the Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC 30 before. It was just too heavy and cakey on my face afterwards and alot of people say the same thing. My skin is horrible, I am acne prone with extremely oily skin. I've had acne since 5th grade and it just continued to stay with me. I hate it!! I've tried literally everything that is affordable out there. Now Im Sticking to Clinique skin care line and its working pretty good on me.

So far it's still too early to tell about the foundation but I'm loving it already!

It's feels very lightweight on my face
Looks natural and flawless
Sheer-Med coverage buildable to Full coverage also
Controls my oil buildup (didn't have to touch up or use oil blotting sheets all day)
Transfer resistant (I wore my shades and foundation on my nose didn't smear or fade)
Up to 15 hrs wear (I've had it on for over 10 hrs and still looks fresh )
Spf 10
Comes with pump

Price is 29.50 US after tax it as around 31.00 US
Had to mix a little bit of a lighter foundation so it wasn't too orangey

All in all, I'm probably going to stick with this from now on. I was pretty surprised that literally after working and coming home to look in the mirror, my face wasn't shiny with oil. I love that! And that its transfer resistant! I usually leave foundation marks on anyone that gives me hugs, or just on my collared shirt/jacket. I really would recommend this!

Moving on to concealors!

The only bad thing about my face is that I have horrible blemishes all over my cheeks, t-zone area, and chin. I have to have full coverage concealor and foundation in order to conceal these awful blemishes.

I've used Mac's studio fix and studio sculpt concealors. Those are some pretty heavy duty concealors that actually worked at covering my blemishes. I just hated paying so much for the concealor. I go thru it like crazy since I have to cover my whole entire cheeks with it.
Now I've found an alternative concealor that is priced at such an amazing price.

Hard Candie's Glamoflauge Concealor in Medum has been my life savior!

Heavy duty coverage
Liquid formula (doesn't feel as heavy as concealors in pots)
Covers tattoos
Price range is from 6-7 dollars US
Tube contains .71 oz (almost 1 0z!)
Comes with concealor pencil ( you can use as highlighter for bow of lip and under brows)
Up to several months of uses ( i use it just about everyday)

Gets oily after couple hours (need to touch up with powder)
Has only 3 shades ( light, medium, tan)
Limited stock at Wal-Mart

All in all, this is a must have. It works for undereye circles, blemishes, tattoos just about anything you need to cover up. The price is soo cheap, compared to all the other higher brands out there. This would be comparable to Kat Von D's Tattoo Concealor.

I'm wearing both products in this picture and in everyday routines now.

Hope this was informational! Check it out and have a great day!

Hi :D

Hope everyone is enjoying February, only 4 more days and its gonna be March already.
Well nothing new has changed in my schedule, working like crazy as usual.

Well I was heading off to work and decided to camwhore first since the lighting was pretty decent in my room. I havent worn my contact lens in forever so I stuck them on and snapped away :D

Im just gonna go chill with my bag of M&Ms and be a happy camper lol. Enjoy yalls night!

Friday, February 11, 2011

New Hair-do

Hi folks!

Im back...Been too lazy to post anything new and it's hard to post anything without a cam. All these pics are from my crappy phone.

Anywhoo, I've been so unhappy with my hair color. I can't seem to get it to be the right color nor tone. Plus my roots grow back so ridiculously fast that I can't keep up with it. But thank goodness I'm finally happy with the results.

My hair is soo dead, fried, damaged to the extreme, and broken off...but I just can't stop. And what hairdresser doesn't have damaged hair lol. We do sooo much stuff to it that even products can barely help tame it down.

I did sneak in a pic of my FOTD. I was heading to work so I snapped a quick one. I've been into neutrals lately. Its easier to blend and it doesn't take as long in the morning when I'm in a rush...and I'm usually in a rush lol.

Have a great one!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

MIA....again, New updates

Hi everyone, it's been so long since i've been back on here. I hope everyone had a great holiday, ate great food whilst staying warm during this cold winter season. It's amazing how much snow everyone has been getting. It's snowed 4 times from Dec.-now.

I haven't been able to get any new pics bc my previous dog had gotten a hold of my cam and destroyed it completely. I am still awaiting a new digicam, so it might be a while b4 I can upload some quality pics.

Meanwhile I have a very special person in my life now. I got a new puppy! She is sooooo adorable, I can't tell you how cute and affectionate she is. She is a boston terrier, and she is tiny! My boyfriend and I took her to get her 1st vaccination at the vet today. She got weighed and was only 1 lb 12 oz, everyone was amazed at how tiny she was. Her name is D-va, and she'll live up to her name because she already is fiesty. She growls at her little horsey when we play with her.

She already knows where to pee/doo doo on her pee pad when we set her down on it.

I can't wait til she gets older. But I'll keep some update photos on her. Down below is some pics of her taken on my crappy phone.


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