Monday, December 6, 2010

R.I.P. my little Blue

Today is the saddest day ever for me and my bf. Our little Blue Blue had to be put down this morning around 10 am. He had been really sick for the past week and when we took him to the vet, they couldn't do much to help him.

He was our baby, my best friend when my bf was not there. He gave me so much unconditional love. He was my actual first pet/son. He was such a good boy, but stubborn at times. We used to play Hide and Seek, he would whine and whimper til we came out of our hiding places. Now those are just memories that will be forever in my heart.

I came home to an empty apartment. It's so quiet now, before it was filled with warmth from his energy. No one greets us at the door anymore. I didn't even get to say goodbye to him because he was under anesthesia to calm his seizures.

No other pet will be able to replace Blue. I'm sooo darn heartbroken over him, mommy's little boy isn't coming back.

He just turned 1 year on Dec.4. He didn't get to see the snow that came while he was still so sick. He won't be there on my bday in the next 2 days either. I know many people has gone through this. I just didn't realize how much this can affect us both. I know he is in a better place, not suffering. Mommy and Daddy loves you Blue!

This is in Memory of my little Blue...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My crib and Guri Guri!

Hi! Going str8 to business here, well as before said I've moved into a new place! I only got some pics of it, I'll take more later hopefully!

Anyways, I decided I wanted to make Guri Guri for the first time. Those who don't know it, it's just similar to shaved ice, but creamier!

I only used 3 ingredients though I got 4 down there. The berries weren't that good, it was too much for the Guri Guri.

Fanta Strawberry flavored soda
7up soda
Condensed Sweet Milk
*additional- Berry toppings

I put in half of the condensed milk first, then 1/4 7up followed by the fanta strawberry soda to the top. Stir from bottom up to mix up formula then set in freezer for about 2 hours. Take it out and stir, set it back in the freezer for several more hours.

Taadaaa! the contents after its done! Yummy in the Tummy!
Now to the Apt, again just a couple of shots since I was gonna be late for work.

This is the entrance to the balcony. I put butterflies fluttering about there!

This is a clutter of where I become vain! The view is gorgeous on a sunny day!

This is thru the screen, sorry for it not being clearer. This is my scene from where my bedroom window is. You can get a view of how the balcony is. The only downside is that parking is very very limited, first come first serve literally.
Alright this is it so I'm signing out! Have a great night/day!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

MOVE outta my way!

It's been a heck of a time for me recently. I've moved outta my old crappy apt into a new one now. Trying to move the things out and into a new place, and working all the time did a toll on me. I'm now in an awesome apt with an incredible view on the 2nd floor. Now that I'm settled in, I'll try to take some pictures and show ya how awesome this place is.

I'ts a new start again for me and I've never been happier! So that's the reason why I've not posted anything new.

Hope you guys are enjoying the weather as I am before it gets really chilly and snow starts to fall again!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Nothing much going on in my life right now, besides waking up, going to work, eat and sleep....Routinely.

So before I went to work, the sun was shining in the right places so I decided to CamWhore :)

This was actually at work already. Wanted a shot there as well.....hehehhe

Me and my kiddo with our *Nikka* lips

I just had on a swipe of brown eyeshadow along with lashes. How easy is that?

Alright ladies, enjoy the rest of the week!

Neutral Pink and Brown

Hi ladies,

Somehow I dont really find myself into bright eyeshadows no more. I've really been sticking to neutral tones and I find that it works easiest especially when I don't have time in the morning.

I decided to play around with the colors this is what I ended up with.

Sorry I threw this in because I've been sporting this on my toes. Coral Pink toes with a sunset Palm Tree background. I also loved the bling bling on my sandals :)


Fishing Night!

So I decided to go with the love to go Night Fishing about 2 hours away from where I live Saturday night. So we went there from 8 pm to 530 am...omg I literally thought that I was going to crash right there because I had worked all day long at work previously and we were booked back to back, so by 5 am I was ready to go home!

Anyways, all that time I only caught 2 guardfish and a crabby Mr Crabs. It was soo fun trying to reel them in lol! The waiting part was sooooo darn boring but it was worth it when you catch something.

Well that was what I did with the love this weekend, Hope yall did something fun too!

This thing was soo mean! It kept trying to pinch me every single time. The funny part was that this crab actually hung on all the way while reeling it in. It didnt want to let go of the fish bait. Mr Crabs was huge too!

This is the Guardfish that kept fooling around with us all night long! Well there was a ton of them but I only caught 2. Its trickier to try to actually get them because of their beak being soo long they usually let go halfway.
Btw, my shirt says,"WILL YOU BE MY NINJA?" LOL

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Crazy over Browns!

Wow, it seems like I've been stickng to alot of neutral colors lately. Even on the runways its all about smokey browns and taupes. I always feel like when I wear browns, it should be more of a night time look. But screw that! I do wear this look for work starting in the early morning.
But this one I really didn't try, I was gonna be late for work so I dillydallied with it. Very simple and you can never go wrong with browns cus it doesn't have to be perfect!

Smoke-Me-Out Bronze

One thing I love about going into fall is because of the different color changes. You don't really see the bright colors nowadays. Everyone is going towards the darker hues and neutral shades. I decided to do a smokey brown bronze one day. I actually only used 3 shades along with a hilighter for the brow bone.




















Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dream Start

Reaching out, fingertips pointed towards the world
however life isn't as simple as just a twirl.
There are much great things bound out there
yet with no experience, you develop these fear
Moving from that comfort zone oh so familiar
to somewhere that may not be similar.
Starting from base one may seem quite hard
and leaving your family could break your heart
But I tell you, life is full of wonders
you can't sit around with all these ponders
Don't just dream away, turn it into reality
Live it up with no regrets nor self pity.
Discovering independence is a key value
for when all else may fail, you'll still have you.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Updated Look

My hair has finally grown!!! I waited sooo long so that I didn't have to purchase hair extensions.
Well, this is a short post cus I've gotta head out to bed. Have a great nightie night!

Fall Nail Lacquers

oH my goshness! Its already gonna be fall, it felt like I had waited all year long just for summer to come but it flew by sooo quick already. But even better yet, now I look around and fall fashion is hitting it in style. I can't wait to wear boots and wear those trendy jackets!

Already at work, everyone is shifting to fall colors such as burgandy reds, plummy purples, chocolate browns and dirty oranges!

However the "It" nail polish colors for fall are actually more of dark navy blues, forest greens, and metallic purples.

OPI's just got there new fall collection called OPI Swiss, and they've got some lovely shades too!

I haven't been able to sport any nail polish on my hands as of lately because it always chips off the next day since I have to wash my hands soo much through out the day. So the only time I get to wear polish is on my day off, then literally I have to take it off the next day :(

The only polish I tend to wear on my hands is very sheer colors that won't be too noticable once it starts peeling.

My shade I usually wear now is OPI Hearts and Tarts, a very pretty pearlescent pink that with one application you can just notice the shimmer there. I love it because it brightens up my nails and actually makes it even shinier than just clear polish itself.


These are some of the OPI Swiss Collection that I really like. Keep in mind these are not my swatches, I had just googled these pictures up :D

OPI-Yodel Me on My Cell

OPI-The Color to Watch

OPI-Ski Teal We Drop

OPI-Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous

OPI Glizterland

OPI-Cuckoo for this Color

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nail Inspiration

Whoo, its been one heck of a hot summer for me here in NC! We've been swamped with Prom, Graduation, Weddings and other Special Events at the Spa. So I got inspired to do a nail art based on this Prom Dress. The dress itself is really exquisite and I just love the Print on here.

All of the products I used:


Sorry I couldn't get any better quality of this. I did this late at night so I didn't have any good lighting besides flash on the cam. The bow is actually 3d, sculpted from acrylic and boy did it take me a good while trying to make it look right!


Hey everyone,

Thus you've entered into my world!

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