Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fishing Night!

So I decided to go with the love to go Night Fishing about 2 hours away from where I live Saturday night. So we went there from 8 pm to 530 am...omg I literally thought that I was going to crash right there because I had worked all day long at work previously and we were booked back to back, so by 5 am I was ready to go home!

Anyways, all that time I only caught 2 guardfish and a crabby Mr Crabs. It was soo fun trying to reel them in lol! The waiting part was sooooo darn boring but it was worth it when you catch something.

Well that was what I did with the love this weekend, Hope yall did something fun too!

This thing was soo mean! It kept trying to pinch me every single time. The funny part was that this crab actually hung on all the way while reeling it in. It didnt want to let go of the fish bait. Mr Crabs was huge too!

This is the Guardfish that kept fooling around with us all night long! Well there was a ton of them but I only caught 2. Its trickier to try to actually get them because of their beak being soo long they usually let go halfway.
Btw, my shirt says,"WILL YOU BE MY NINJA?" LOL

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