Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fall Nail Lacquers

oH my goshness! Its already gonna be fall, it felt like I had waited all year long just for summer to come but it flew by sooo quick already. But even better yet, now I look around and fall fashion is hitting it in style. I can't wait to wear boots and wear those trendy jackets!

Already at work, everyone is shifting to fall colors such as burgandy reds, plummy purples, chocolate browns and dirty oranges!

However the "It" nail polish colors for fall are actually more of dark navy blues, forest greens, and metallic purples.

OPI's just got there new fall collection called OPI Swiss, and they've got some lovely shades too!

I haven't been able to sport any nail polish on my hands as of lately because it always chips off the next day since I have to wash my hands soo much through out the day. So the only time I get to wear polish is on my day off, then literally I have to take it off the next day :(

The only polish I tend to wear on my hands is very sheer colors that won't be too noticable once it starts peeling.

My shade I usually wear now is OPI Hearts and Tarts, a very pretty pearlescent pink that with one application you can just notice the shimmer there. I love it because it brightens up my nails and actually makes it even shinier than just clear polish itself.


These are some of the OPI Swiss Collection that I really like. Keep in mind these are not my swatches, I had just googled these pictures up :D

OPI-Yodel Me on My Cell

OPI-The Color to Watch

OPI-Ski Teal We Drop

OPI-Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous

OPI Glizterland

OPI-Cuckoo for this Color

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