Sunday, December 27, 2009

korean bbq

I was in the mood for some korean food....There s a korean restaurant that just opened up on christmas eve...but their food sucks...its not even korean authentic! So I decided to youtube some korean recipes. Have you tried korean bulgogi? It looks good but I wanted something simpler so I decided to do some Korean BBQ!

I just mixed in black bean paste, chili garlic paste, soy sauce, hoison sauce, salt, pepper and some sesame oil for the sauces and tossed in some sliced onions....

Lastly of course is the red leaf lettuce.

While it was cooking on the skillet...I like mine super well done with just a touch of crispiness.

Yummy in my tummy!!!


Okay, well I've always had long hair reaching mid back...and I chopped it all off into an asymmetrical aline bob after summer. It's grown out alot and I don't plan on cutting it again..It was good while it lasted but now Im in the mood for long hair again. Long hair is soo damn sexy and glamorous!! My hair grows pretty fast so I won't have to wait too long I hope. *crosses fingers xx

Anyways, I had bought a wig couple months ago thinking I was going to wear it instead of extensions...Well this wig has too much major volume...or either my head s too big! I haven't even worn it since the day I bought it, but today I decided that I was gonna give it a try again since it's just sitting around in my bedroom with the hairs matting up.
So here I go...Got carried away and did some Cam Whoring

I flat ironed the hell outa it so that it would look flatter on the crown. And I also need to seriously brush it out cus its soo tangled.
But what do yall think? If I can tame this down so that it's not too oblivious that its a wig, maybe I can wear it out occasionally. Its also gonna keep my head warm since it's still cold.
Oh, I finally was able to take a pic of what my backyard looked like with all the leaves back here....Honestly it looks pretty shitty out in the back but the front is pretty decent. I'll take another pic another day when it's sunny again.


So I took my sweetie to the airport today. His flight s at 6 in the morn sunday. We left around 11 30 pm, got to Raleigh around 12 50....Dropped him off at US Airways so I came back and there were barely any cars around the highway. Such a quiet and tiring drive back home.

Okay so here is the stupid part! I work Monday from opening to close, but keep in mind that we both kept getting our days confused. All of a sudden I thought it was already Sunday and that his flight was Monday at 6 am....So I thought that I couldn't stay with him b/c I had to get back to get ready for work and so we left as said above. When we had gotten to the airport, there were no one around so he was just gonna stay there until his flight and he was gonna try to catch some sleep. Well he forgot the small pillow in the back of my trunk and I didn't realize that til I was already 5 miles coming back. And he calls telling me that there isn't any place to sleep and the chairs weren't comfortable to sleep in.....

Bless his heart, well I got home around 3 am and right when I got out of the car, something clicked inside of my head and HELLO! It had just turned to freaking Sunday round midnight! What the hell!! I didn't have to work cus its not Monday yet! So all this time I coulda still been with him and he wouldn't have to wait 4 hours long....Gah!!!!! What a freaking idiot! So I called him back and told him that its not Monday yet..Laughed it off cus What great fools we were! lol.....

I told him that I would drive back to just be with him until his flight....hehe but there's no point cus by the time I get there it'll be time for him to board onto the plane....I miss him soo much. I'm soo accustomed to having him here 24/7 that when he's not home, it doesn't feel the same.

And I'm gonna have to wait a whole week! What the hell?? It sucks that I won't be able to spend New Years with him. But I guess since he spent Christmas with me, he should be able to get some time with his family. I just feel soo greedy at times..almost all the time actually..He's everything to me..even though we fight and disagree on just about everything all the time. I kinda miss it when it stops :(

So here I am, nothing else to do but I'm trying to make time go by faster. I kinda feel like this is a public diary or something. But I do feel better after I let it all out...geez....kinda running outa words to say now so have a good night...

Friday, December 25, 2009

Rants...and nails

I hope that everyone of you ladies has had a great holiday so far! I'm glad to be at home chilling and pigging out on good food. So Christmas eve, we cooked steaks, green beans in oyster sauce, scrambled eggs and bacon slices. It was super good, and I topped it off with some yogurt praline with caramel for dessert. Super fattening....I know....but tis the holiday so might as well eat and gain the weight and lose it for New Year's resolution! lol...

Well we had rented two movies from the Red Box, which was Up and Dance Flick...Super hilarious...I balled my eyes out on Up because it was just soo darn touching on how much Carl and Ellie loved each other...I told my fiance that hopefully we'll be like them when we get older!

And then we knocked out until 11 30 am Christmas Day...hehe
Today we cooked some steam rolls and ate a shitload of junk food..Full to the max and other than that we rented another 3 movies from the Red Box. That thing is sooo damn addicting, however we rented Blue Streak with Martin Lawrence, World's greatest dad with Robin Williams..I didn't like it :(, and I think its Old School with Will Ferrell..I think...I'm too lazy to go look at it to be sure but its the last dvd we haven't watched yet. Maybe tomorrow..

Shucks that reminds me, tomorrow night Im having to take my fiance to Raleigh at the airport to fly to Minneosota for 1 week! shit, I'm gonna be home bored to death....Ugh and I don't want to go back to work at all!!!! Monday I'm having to work from 9 30am to 7 pm and I'm booked solid with hair and nail appointments...back to reality I guess.

Anyhoo, I came up with a couple designs. I don't have the step by step directions because I was just doodling around but these were what I came up with.

*dont laugh at my soo call snowflake...hehe I don't know how it came to look like that.

Okay its already 12 56 am so I'm gonna head back to bed. (praying for some snow atleast! ;D)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and some HAULS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So its Christmas Eve and what am I doing? Geez, nothing actually...Got off work today and we've been sooo busy at the Spa that I'm just glad that we're gonna have 3 days off! hallelujah amen..
I've already finished my Christmas shopping during the week of Thanksgiving so I don't have to worry about that especially in this chaos! The Mall and just about everywhere here has been packed to the max! All I have to do now is text everyone....
We got our Tree up last month, its only 4 feet tall i believe... its got soo much ornaments hangin from it but you cant see it in the dim lighting. Plus we got a crap load of candy canes that's still there from the last

Yea sadly no presents under the tree...:( but it's okay cus my fiance and i get things on a daily basis. If he wants something he gets it and vice versa.
I've gotton some pretty good deals on these items:
got these babies from Rugged Warehouse for $9.99 and they are smoking hot! and my fiance was the one who picked it out when we were browsing around lol!!
And these trios are from OPI and they are the Suede collection (matte)

Top to Bottom: Lincoln park after dark
You dont know Jaques!
Russian Navy

The two purples are from China Glaze while the middle one is Sinful Colors
This is the one in between of the Purples, named Rich in Hearts. It reminds me of Twilight somehow...;D

This is the Christmas collection from China Glaze, they have alot of shimmery glitter flecks.

This is the China Glaze colors
We get to choose an item from a basket for free after our purchase from this one professional beauty store, they didn't have much left so I found this. I've never heard of Mirabella before but it is a matte liquid foundation in number 5....I hope to try it out and see how it looks like. I have a tendacy to turn pinkish after the foundation settles...ugh and I hate it!!!
Alrighty lovelies, its been a pretty good night so far so hope Santa brought what you asked for!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

So this week has finally gone by and a new week is starting already. It's snowed in other areas of North Carolina but not where I am at. How shitty is that? It was actually sunny today when I woke up. But freezing ass cold. Back in my hometown, it actually snowed 9 inches! I guess by livng near the beach, it might be a cause to it not snowing. My mom had told me that they got 13 inches of snow in Minnesota! That is too much since it'll probably stay longer on the ground.

Any who, since today was finally a day off from work, I got to enjoy it and actually get to see the sun since in work I'm there from morning to night so I miss alot of what goes on by Mother Nature.

Yea, that's my next door neighbor's crummy steps all molded! eheh but theres ton of leaves that is laying in my apartments backyard. I really wanted to roll around in it but we got tons of cockroaches and slugs lying around that maybe it ain't too much of a good idea. Maybe I'll take a pic of how it looks like with all the leaves around another time.

The other week, I brought home with me some quails from when I went home for Thanksgiving. They were fat quails that were prepared already so just need to cook it. I made stirfry out of it and my gosh they were sooo good and juicy! My fiance couldn't get enough of it!

Shoot I can live off of this kinda diet ;D

Friday, December 18, 2009

Kawaii tinted lip gloss

So I'm actually getting into making tinted lip conditioners now...Its soo freaking fun, but so darn messy! And I got some lipsticks that I do not wear so I found a way to use it by turning it to lip gloss. I actually have 5 I've made now but a couple nights ago, I made 3 more and they look soo kawaii!! Hopefully whenever I get more time off from work and if i don't get too lazy I'll try to do some more..

LtoR: Red, Pink Orange, and Mauvey Pink

They feel soo good on my lips cus a main ingredient I used to make this was Vaseline. Very moisturizing, Oh gosh I also added a scent in these too! Its Cucumber Melon scented, soo freaking delicious..

DIY nail art!

Oooo, I was soo darn hoping to see some damn snow fall here! Geez, haven't really had much luck lately....Even if it did snow, I probably won't get the chance to see cus I'm inside a building working!! ergh....

Well, enough of that, I did another nail art design...Again, cam has such a crappy quality but bear with me. Ok, here we go!!!

This is the look we are going for!

Start off with 2 coats of China Glaze (any purple color)

Apply a shimmering gold like an upside down V

Using a thin striper brush, make a snake like line towards the middle

At the top right corner, draw a half circle

Right after that, apply a larger semi circle but thinner

Do the same for the other side but thicker

Make dots on both sides starting from big to small or vice versa

Apply some sillver into the semi circles

Make some small dots of silver onto the black dots

Last but not least add some effects of glittery silver lines on left side going towards middle.
Let dry for 3 mins and apply Seche Vite top coat to seal it in and there you go!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

feeling good

alright so at work today, one of my coworker who is a massage therapist gave us each some Lindt chocolates! I got the Intense Orange which has orange pieces and some almond sliver..My gosh it is to freaking die for! I like ate halfway through already and its a pretty big amount.

So now im sitting here, past midnight snacking on my chocolate....gosh if a health nut saw me they'd freaking freak out on would take some pics of the chocolate but i cant find my freaking cam! what the hell man? gah am i seriously 90 years old or what?

Oh gosh, another thing, guess what i got in my mail?? My cosmetology license!!! fuck hell yea!!!!
I've been waiting on this forever now...I had to go to Raleigh and take my practical exam there..I was already working in the salon for 6 months and I just kept putting it off...I didnt wanna pack my shit and label this and that, plus it was about $70 to take the exam plus $23 for the license.

I was forgetting a whole bunch of things too, because the way that you are graded is by them checking yes or no. And literally there i over 150 boxes they have to check. And so me and the hun drove there, about 1 1/2 hours and stayed at his cuzz's place. I had to wake my ass up at 5 45 to get ready and check my things to make sure it was there and left by 7 am. It didnt start til 8 and went str8 through til 11 20 am. I was soooo freaking hungry by then that my stomach kept growling every 15 mins, so darn embarassing!

But again, I finished and passed with a 91! whoo hoo, so just wanted to share the joy with yall!
Ima go back to eating my chocolate, plus find the stupid cam...... good night

Sunday, December 13, 2009

makeup contest

Eh i joined a contest entry for replicating a i had one heck of a time trying to find something i really wanted to do. I decided to do a replicate of kylie minogue and gosh i hate the fact that i dont have a good quality cam!!!!!! maybe i'll get one for xmas!!

Goshers, kylie looks soo darn gorgeous!!!!!

I really wished i had a bigger lid to work with cus you cant see the colors at all!!!!!! hmmm really seriously considering eyelid surgery.....

DIY nail art

Gah today is such a dreary day! rainy and humid...pugh...But i got to wear my booties and leggings, makes me feel a little bit stylish..hehe
I felt like such a bitch today though, I wasn't very nice to See Souk cus he just kept on pissing me off! But after going to Ihop, and eating a great deal of food i guess it settled me down a bit.
But anyways, i decided to do a step by step tut of how easy it is to achieve this nail art design ^^

This is the nail art we are going for ^ (sorry if you cant see it well)

*first step is to start off with a pink laquer with 2 coats (china glaze)

*2nd step is to achieve these flowers, simply do 5 dots (i used a dotting tool but you can use tooth pick or a ball pen)

*3rd step is to connect the dots to the center by dragging it (be careful not to drag too hard)

*4th step is to finish putting the next couple flowers there

*5th step is to add dots starting from big to small or vice versa

*6th step is to put a red dot in the center of your flowers

*last but not least just put random glitter stripes and also put some where the petals are. Then wait for it to dry b4 putting on your top coat. (i used seche vite topcoat)
See how easy that was? Im sorry if its not clear quality pic cus my cam really sucks! And I did this last night so not good lighting available.

Friday, December 11, 2009

my very first blog!

Wowers, i don't even know where to start out at? I've never really blogged before and now I'm freaking clueless lol!! Well first thing off is that I woke up this morning around 9 am, which I don't usually do since I'm not a morning person and I try to make the best out of my sleep especially before going to work. But since I'm up I still have plenty of time before I get ready for work.

Have you ever had one of those times where if you've taken a couple of days off and when you return back to work or school you just don't want to be there? Gah! I get these all the darn time... My birthday was Dec. 8 and I had 3 days to myself which I really didn't do much. I'm now 21!!!!!!! Officially legal lol, and I didn't even get to drink at all...Pretty sad...since I have a low alcohol tolerance. But my sweet fiance had surprised me with a cheese cake, it was super yummy but now we can't even finish it!

And we had gone out to eat at Lemon Grass restaurant. We are pretty cheap so we went during lunch hour and the plates were only I believe 6.99? or even cheaper but we ordered up to 4 dishes and the waiter was like, wow thats alot of food!

Thai chicken fried rice (spicy), with eggroll and salad

Lemon Chicken Fried Rice (spicy), with eggroll and salad

I couldn't take the rest of the pics because we got hungry and devoured it all before I could even snap the cam but we ordered 2 Padthai (spicy) and Basil Chicken (spicy), OMFG it was delicious.

Me and my good friend Mai Gee

Looks deceiving huh? we were not ready!

the Fiance and I

Well, I guess I'm wrapping this up to get ready for work so have a great day!


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