Friday, December 25, 2009

Rants...and nails

I hope that everyone of you ladies has had a great holiday so far! I'm glad to be at home chilling and pigging out on good food. So Christmas eve, we cooked steaks, green beans in oyster sauce, scrambled eggs and bacon slices. It was super good, and I topped it off with some yogurt praline with caramel for dessert. Super fattening....I know....but tis the holiday so might as well eat and gain the weight and lose it for New Year's resolution! lol...

Well we had rented two movies from the Red Box, which was Up and Dance Flick...Super hilarious...I balled my eyes out on Up because it was just soo darn touching on how much Carl and Ellie loved each other...I told my fiance that hopefully we'll be like them when we get older!

And then we knocked out until 11 30 am Christmas Day...hehe
Today we cooked some steam rolls and ate a shitload of junk food..Full to the max and other than that we rented another 3 movies from the Red Box. That thing is sooo damn addicting, however we rented Blue Streak with Martin Lawrence, World's greatest dad with Robin Williams..I didn't like it :(, and I think its Old School with Will Ferrell..I think...I'm too lazy to go look at it to be sure but its the last dvd we haven't watched yet. Maybe tomorrow..

Shucks that reminds me, tomorrow night Im having to take my fiance to Raleigh at the airport to fly to Minneosota for 1 week! shit, I'm gonna be home bored to death....Ugh and I don't want to go back to work at all!!!! Monday I'm having to work from 9 30am to 7 pm and I'm booked solid with hair and nail appointments...back to reality I guess.

Anyhoo, I came up with a couple designs. I don't have the step by step directions because I was just doodling around but these were what I came up with.

*dont laugh at my soo call snowflake...hehe I don't know how it came to look like that.

Okay its already 12 56 am so I'm gonna head back to bed. (praying for some snow atleast! ;D)

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