Sunday, December 27, 2009

korean bbq

I was in the mood for some korean food....There s a korean restaurant that just opened up on christmas eve...but their food sucks...its not even korean authentic! So I decided to youtube some korean recipes. Have you tried korean bulgogi? It looks good but I wanted something simpler so I decided to do some Korean BBQ!

I just mixed in black bean paste, chili garlic paste, soy sauce, hoison sauce, salt, pepper and some sesame oil for the sauces and tossed in some sliced onions....

Lastly of course is the red leaf lettuce.

While it was cooking on the skillet...I like mine super well done with just a touch of crispiness.

Yummy in my tummy!!!

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  1. my stomach is grumblin!! i just got home from work and haven't eaten for 6hrs and seein this is making me drool! i LOVE korean food, my family and i always go to korean BBQ places it's delicious :D I love korean hotpot for winter, they keep me nice and warm :)



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