Sunday, December 27, 2009


Okay, well I've always had long hair reaching mid back...and I chopped it all off into an asymmetrical aline bob after summer. It's grown out alot and I don't plan on cutting it again..It was good while it lasted but now Im in the mood for long hair again. Long hair is soo damn sexy and glamorous!! My hair grows pretty fast so I won't have to wait too long I hope. *crosses fingers xx

Anyways, I had bought a wig couple months ago thinking I was going to wear it instead of extensions...Well this wig has too much major volume...or either my head s too big! I haven't even worn it since the day I bought it, but today I decided that I was gonna give it a try again since it's just sitting around in my bedroom with the hairs matting up.
So here I go...Got carried away and did some Cam Whoring

I flat ironed the hell outa it so that it would look flatter on the crown. And I also need to seriously brush it out cus its soo tangled.
But what do yall think? If I can tame this down so that it's not too oblivious that its a wig, maybe I can wear it out occasionally. Its also gonna keep my head warm since it's still cold.
Oh, I finally was able to take a pic of what my backyard looked like with all the leaves back here....Honestly it looks pretty shitty out in the back but the front is pretty decent. I'll take another pic another day when it's sunny again.

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