Sunday, December 20, 2009

So this week has finally gone by and a new week is starting already. It's snowed in other areas of North Carolina but not where I am at. How shitty is that? It was actually sunny today when I woke up. But freezing ass cold. Back in my hometown, it actually snowed 9 inches! I guess by livng near the beach, it might be a cause to it not snowing. My mom had told me that they got 13 inches of snow in Minnesota! That is too much since it'll probably stay longer on the ground.

Any who, since today was finally a day off from work, I got to enjoy it and actually get to see the sun since in work I'm there from morning to night so I miss alot of what goes on by Mother Nature.

Yea, that's my next door neighbor's crummy steps all molded! eheh but theres ton of leaves that is laying in my apartments backyard. I really wanted to roll around in it but we got tons of cockroaches and slugs lying around that maybe it ain't too much of a good idea. Maybe I'll take a pic of how it looks like with all the leaves around another time.

The other week, I brought home with me some quails from when I went home for Thanksgiving. They were fat quails that were prepared already so just need to cook it. I made stirfry out of it and my gosh they were sooo good and juicy! My fiance couldn't get enough of it!

Shoot I can live off of this kinda diet ;D

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