Sunday, December 13, 2009

DIY nail art

Gah today is such a dreary day! rainy and humid...pugh...But i got to wear my booties and leggings, makes me feel a little bit stylish..hehe
I felt like such a bitch today though, I wasn't very nice to See Souk cus he just kept on pissing me off! But after going to Ihop, and eating a great deal of food i guess it settled me down a bit.
But anyways, i decided to do a step by step tut of how easy it is to achieve this nail art design ^^

This is the nail art we are going for ^ (sorry if you cant see it well)

*first step is to start off with a pink laquer with 2 coats (china glaze)

*2nd step is to achieve these flowers, simply do 5 dots (i used a dotting tool but you can use tooth pick or a ball pen)

*3rd step is to connect the dots to the center by dragging it (be careful not to drag too hard)

*4th step is to finish putting the next couple flowers there

*5th step is to add dots starting from big to small or vice versa

*6th step is to put a red dot in the center of your flowers

*last but not least just put random glitter stripes and also put some where the petals are. Then wait for it to dry b4 putting on your top coat. (i used seche vite topcoat)
See how easy that was? Im sorry if its not clear quality pic cus my cam really sucks! And I did this last night so not good lighting available.

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