Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and some HAULS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So its Christmas Eve and what am I doing? Geez, nothing actually...Got off work today and we've been sooo busy at the Spa that I'm just glad that we're gonna have 3 days off! hallelujah amen..
I've already finished my Christmas shopping during the week of Thanksgiving so I don't have to worry about that especially in this chaos! The Mall and just about everywhere here has been packed to the max! All I have to do now is text everyone....
We got our Tree up last month, its only 4 feet tall i believe... its got soo much ornaments hangin from it but you cant see it in the dim lighting. Plus we got a crap load of candy canes that's still there from the last

Yea sadly no presents under the tree...:( but it's okay cus my fiance and i get things on a daily basis. If he wants something he gets it and vice versa.
I've gotton some pretty good deals on these items:
got these babies from Rugged Warehouse for $9.99 and they are smoking hot! and my fiance was the one who picked it out when we were browsing around lol!!
And these trios are from OPI and they are the Suede collection (matte)

Top to Bottom: Lincoln park after dark
You dont know Jaques!
Russian Navy

The two purples are from China Glaze while the middle one is Sinful Colors
This is the one in between of the Purples, named Rich in Hearts. It reminds me of Twilight somehow...;D

This is the Christmas collection from China Glaze, they have alot of shimmery glitter flecks.

This is the China Glaze colors
We get to choose an item from a basket for free after our purchase from this one professional beauty store, they didn't have much left so I found this. I've never heard of Mirabella before but it is a matte liquid foundation in number 5....I hope to try it out and see how it looks like. I have a tendacy to turn pinkish after the foundation settles...ugh and I hate it!!!
Alrighty lovelies, its been a pretty good night so far so hope Santa brought what you asked for!


  1. oh my goodness at those heels *drooooolllll* i need to get one like that!!! hope you had a good christmas!!!

  2. Merry Xmas!

    Loving the nail polishes!

  3. love the opi polish... i bet you got that foundation free cause that was the old stuff. they have nice new ones - really yummy... i use one in a conpact and love it.



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