Tuesday, December 15, 2009

feeling good

alright so at work today, one of my coworker who is a massage therapist gave us each some Lindt chocolates! I got the Intense Orange which has orange pieces and some almond sliver..My gosh it is to freaking die for! I like ate halfway through already and its a pretty big amount.

So now im sitting here, past midnight snacking on my chocolate....gosh if a health nut saw me they'd freaking freak out on me..lol.....I would take some pics of the chocolate but i cant find my freaking cam! what the hell man? gah am i seriously 90 years old or what?

Oh gosh, another thing, guess what i got in my mail?? My cosmetology license!!! fuck hell yea!!!!
I've been waiting on this forever now...I had to go to Raleigh and take my practical exam there..I was already working in the salon for 6 months and I just kept putting it off...I didnt wanna pack my shit and label this and that, plus it was about $70 to take the exam plus $23 for the license.

I was forgetting a whole bunch of things too, because the way that you are graded is by them checking yes or no. And literally there i over 150 boxes they have to check. And so me and the hun drove there, about 1 1/2 hours and stayed at his cuzz's place. I had to wake my ass up at 5 45 to get ready and check my things to make sure it was there and left by 7 am. It didnt start til 8 and went str8 through til 11 20 am. I was soooo freaking hungry by then that my stomach kept growling every 15 mins, so darn embarassing!

But again, I finished and passed with a 91! whoo hoo, so just wanted to share the joy with yall!
Ima go back to eating my chocolate, plus find the stupid cam...... good night

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  1. congrats!! :)

    wow! plz post more about cosmetology, i'm fascinated

    i have a friend who completed a dip in make up, i suppose they're not the same thing..

    tell me more! :)



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