Sunday, December 27, 2009


So I took my sweetie to the airport today. His flight s at 6 in the morn sunday. We left around 11 30 pm, got to Raleigh around 12 50....Dropped him off at US Airways so I came back and there were barely any cars around the highway. Such a quiet and tiring drive back home.

Okay so here is the stupid part! I work Monday from opening to close, but keep in mind that we both kept getting our days confused. All of a sudden I thought it was already Sunday and that his flight was Monday at 6 am....So I thought that I couldn't stay with him b/c I had to get back to get ready for work and so we left as said above. When we had gotten to the airport, there were no one around so he was just gonna stay there until his flight and he was gonna try to catch some sleep. Well he forgot the small pillow in the back of my trunk and I didn't realize that til I was already 5 miles coming back. And he calls telling me that there isn't any place to sleep and the chairs weren't comfortable to sleep in.....

Bless his heart, well I got home around 3 am and right when I got out of the car, something clicked inside of my head and HELLO! It had just turned to freaking Sunday round midnight! What the hell!! I didn't have to work cus its not Monday yet! So all this time I coulda still been with him and he wouldn't have to wait 4 hours long....Gah!!!!! What a freaking idiot! So I called him back and told him that its not Monday yet..Laughed it off cus What great fools we were! lol.....

I told him that I would drive back to just be with him until his flight....hehe but there's no point cus by the time I get there it'll be time for him to board onto the plane....I miss him soo much. I'm soo accustomed to having him here 24/7 that when he's not home, it doesn't feel the same.

And I'm gonna have to wait a whole week! What the hell?? It sucks that I won't be able to spend New Years with him. But I guess since he spent Christmas with me, he should be able to get some time with his family. I just feel soo greedy at times..almost all the time actually..He's everything to me..even though we fight and disagree on just about everything all the time. I kinda miss it when it stops :(

So here I am, nothing else to do but I'm trying to make time go by faster. I kinda feel like this is a public diary or something. But I do feel better after I let it all out...geez....kinda running outa words to say now so have a good night...

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