Friday, February 11, 2011

New Hair-do

Hi folks!

Im back...Been too lazy to post anything new and it's hard to post anything without a cam. All these pics are from my crappy phone.

Anywhoo, I've been so unhappy with my hair color. I can't seem to get it to be the right color nor tone. Plus my roots grow back so ridiculously fast that I can't keep up with it. But thank goodness I'm finally happy with the results.

My hair is soo dead, fried, damaged to the extreme, and broken off...but I just can't stop. And what hairdresser doesn't have damaged hair lol. We do sooo much stuff to it that even products can barely help tame it down.

I did sneak in a pic of my FOTD. I was heading to work so I snapped a quick one. I've been into neutrals lately. Its easier to blend and it doesn't take as long in the morning when I'm in a rush...and I'm usually in a rush lol.

Have a great one!


  1. Its a really cute color on you! suits you well :D

  2. i think it looks very cute, like Tara said it suits you well.

    My hair is so fried up as well. Nothing can cure it besides getting a hair cut- which i refuse to do. hehe

  3. Looking good, hun! :)

    And yeah, it's a real pain to try to maintain hair that's damaged. I hate getting trims! But sometimes that's the only remedy lol

  4. hey there, I like ur hair. looks very good ^^

    I also looked at ur previous entry puppy pixxx. so cute...

    please check out my blog 2 ^^

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo
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  5. I love your fringe.. been trying to do this fringe but it just doesnt sit right!!!! any advice? :p



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