Sunday, January 17, 2010

A day at work with Yolanda

So I decided to show you ladies what a day at my workplace was like. A brief summary, I am a cosmetologist; i do all hair services and mani and pedis also. I've only been there for 8 months and I am still building my clientele up. There is currently 2 of us in the nail/hair department since 4 other technician have left of last year. It is a higher end salon and we get mostly the older folks even though its a college town.
Believe it or not but Kelly Ripa and her sister-in-laws have been into our spa 2 years ago to receive Pedis. I wasn't here unfortunately but my coworker was here and she actually did one of the sister-in-laws. How cool was that? Her husband is from Kinston I think, but his sister lives in greenville where I live! Man it can be a small world huh?
We sell Vera Bradley bags in the retail area.
This is where we do our Manis and Pedis
This is the Atrium where we keep our clients either to lounge around or if they are waiting for a technician to get them, the lights here are usually really dim for them to be able to sleep. There is also some refreshments there for them. The two doors in the back is reserved for private parties to be held in bridal, princess, business etc...
The front of our building

This is my station! yea its pretty plain but we actually going to expand the hair department into a bigger one soon!!

My back bar products that I use for my clients.

Our retail hair products, We carry: Matrix, Loreal Professional, Biolage, and some Bedhead.

Our Hair Department..Pretty sad actually. One hair dryer, 3 stations with 3 shampoo bowls attached...yeap..It's not as focused on because our GM isn't a hair dresser so she doesn't know much and since it's a spa, people come for relaxtion such as massages and manis and pedis. But as said it's gonna be bigger hopefully in the next couple of months!

Inside our nail dispensary. This is our computer for keeping track of our appointments. The top purse is my coworkers, isn;t it cute? And my bag is on the bottom, New York Co. :)

Our Matrix color line, we carry permanent and demi colors, this is actually kept in the nail dispensary.

And here we are, the Nail Dispensary I would actually say this is my crib when I have nothing else to do. It's very tiny, can you imagine how tight it was when there was still 6 of us in here? There is actually only 3 stools :( (cheap ass!)

Well that basically sums it up! I'm actually off today but tomorrow's gonna be another day....

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  1. your work place look sleek as! it's cool how you guys sell bags as well, our salons are pretty boring, just nail product.

    thank you for posting this :)
    hope you'll have a great day at work tomorrow!



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