Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Works...

I enjoy doing Makeup and Hair. It's what I do for a career and as a hobby on the side also. These are just some of the pictures of people that I've worked with.

This was my roommate, She has the perfect facial structure and she is soo gorgeous! I always used her for my guinea pig :p

This was a classmate of mine during hair school. I only did her eye makeup though.

Practicing with my updos on my manikin during school. Her name was Ms. Jaslene

This was a good friend of mine's wedding. I did their makeup and hair. Whew was it stressful or what! But overall I had a fantabulous time.
This is the Bride, and I didn't get to capture her makeup but this was the hair. She was such a stunning bride! love her

This was her sister in law's hair after I finished. I didn't do her makeup since she already did hers

One of the Bridesmaid.

The same bridesmaid, after her makeup was done.

Before makeup

This is the maid of honor, also the bride's younger sister.

After her makeup

Before Makeup

My roommate again. I experimenting with yellows.

Once again this is of my roomy! My good friend was nice enough to take the pictures with her cam.

Bollywood style!


  1. omgg your roommate is gorgeous!
    and i have a question.. for the picture in your banner (that's you right?^^) what lipstick color/lipgloss are you wearing? it looks so good!<3

  2. yep she is! and yep its me on the banner...lets see I used a lip tint that I had made with a pink lipstick and vaseline :)



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