Thursday, January 21, 2010

Old photoshoots

So last year, my good friend and I decided to collaborate together for a project. She is an aspiring photographer and I was an aspiring MUA and hair stylist. We both wanted to start a portfolio and just get the experience so we posted a blog on myspace for some guy and girl models. We came up with 3 themes which were: Fashion Fever, We are Hmong, and Senior Prom. We needed 3 girls and 3 guys for the parts so we jumped in on that. We didn't charge for anything, and everybody loves anything FREE!
Starting off with our Senior Prom project
(Photographer: Vu Vue and MUA/Hairstylist:me) (Models:Jan Thao and Mandy Lee)
We are Hmong theme
(Photographer:Vu Vue and MUA/Hairstylist:me) (Models:Joshua Lee and Nancy Vue)
Fashion Fever Theme
(Photographer:Vu Vue and MUA/Hairstylist:me) (Models:Billy Yang and Cynthia Lor)
(They both are sporting Mohawks :D )
Alright ladies! Hope yall have a great day!

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  1. heeey, I know billy! =)
    he's my sister-in-law's little brother.
    what a small world.. ^^



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