Monday, January 11, 2010

My new doggie & new contact lens

OOoo, we just got a new puppie! gah, he is now our sole attention grabber..
He is a blue nose pittbull currently 5 weeks old, and he was the runt of the groupie... I gotta say, we are spoiling this lil brat already!! We've only had him for 3 days!

That reminds me, his name s Blue n his middle name s Fuji. gah he's our love and bundle of joy now.
But anyways we went 2 wally world 2 get him some stuff, n here i come to an idea to dress him up as a lil girl! they had soo much girly items that was so damn kawaii that i almost was gunna make him transgender! kekeke...nah he wouldnt like the idea..

We all went to Raleigh 2 days after we got him, look at his beautiful blue eyes!!! so jealous!

Me n my lil boo boo
HEHE our lil supa-dog
I got this new contact lens frum the mall where the vendors r. they r autumn hazel
n im lovn it! the lady was telln me that it matched my hair!


  1. Oh my gosh, what a SUPER CUTE doggie!! ^__^

    I wana puppy so bad! XD But where I live for school they won't allow pets :( *boo*

    But I love your dog's blue eyes. So kawaii! ;D

  2. That is such a cute puppy! So adorable~!!!



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