Friday, January 29, 2010

my chunky monkey!

So my little cutie pie here has been camwhoring! lol.... Here are some of the latest pics of how big he is getting! Currently at 8 weeks old now...and getting even more naughty! But he can be such a sweetheart. He is potty trained now! thank goodness.. I was def. gettn tired of him peeing and pooping every where. And now he does his thing on his pad now! Yaaay! OooO, he knows to sit when you say sit, and stop when you say no...Usually he runs away and sits in a corner by himself when we yell at him when he is bad...and gives us his puppy eyes...

Here, he ran and sat away from me cus I yelled at him..hehe just makes my heart melt...He always tilts his head

Doing what he does best!! Biting every damn thing he can find.

After a good chunky monkey it is...

Before going to work, he was trying to climb all over me.

I sat him on the sofa with me cus he was being bad, trying to jump up onto the sofa but he's still too short so I got tired of listening to him bark so there he is...
See, he always tilts his head! Melts my heart again, This boy is gonna be the death of me! hehe

Don't yall just love an animal companion? I really hated, I mean seriously hated dogs...or even any kind of pet..I guess I never gave them the chance...and now I love doggies!!

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