Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Tropical Summer Sunset

I was pretty bored today so I decided to try out a scenic nail art. As the title says it, it will be of a tropical summer sunset. This reminded of Hawaii or even the Bahamas...I really wish I could go on a cruise!!!!!!

Back on track, I did a step by step tut on this and it's soo easy to do!!!

Apply a blue laquer about halfway
Apply an orange laquer at the top of where the blue is towards the right making sure that it is both still wet.
Apply a yellow laquer right next to the orange on the left side
Blend it the yellow and orange with a very sheer orange laquer to the top half and just a tiny bit on the blue to create a sunset shadow. Create purple lines where the blue is to create some waves.
Apply some white lines above and below the purple lines.

Create a long half circle on the right and fill in with black, do the same on the left upper side but a bit smaller and fill it in also.

Create purple clouds randomly in the sky.

Create two opposite lines on the right side and on the top left make it going towards the right.

Flicker out some lines for the base of the palm leaves.

Now flick out some lines to create the leaves.

Make long W's for the birds and upside down V's for the birds feet.

I just brushed on some purple and pink laquer on the rest of my nails, nothing too extravagant since I want to soley focus on the middle nail art.

There you have it, a Tropical Summer Sunset in Hawaii!

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